Start Service With Three Simple Steps!

  1. First, you’ll choose a deliver schedule that works for you. You’ll choose between regular twice-a-week service, where a Drive Cleaning van will stop by your home to see if there is any cleaning to pick up, and “on call”, where you’ll need to call us to schedule each pickup. In cases regularly scheduled service makes the most sense because if there are any other Drive Cleaning customers in your neighborhood, we’re stopping by anyway… and remember, there are no minimums… Even if you only have one or two items to clean we’ll take them for you!
  2. Once a schedule has been established, you’ll bring your clothing down to the morning of your service day. (Pickups can occur as early as 7 am, so make sure you get your clothes out beforehand.) That morning, your clothes will be picked up for cleaning.
  3. On your next scheduled service day, your Drive Cleaning driver will deliver your clothes back to your door so they will be waiting for you when you get home from work. It’s that simple!

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