6 Tips for Smart Packing

Home for the Holidays: 6 Tips for Smart Packing

Holiday travel has its ups and downs. It’s great for taking time off work, seeing friends and family, and of course, enjoying holiday treats and traditions. However, preparing and packing for the trip is not nearly as much fun. Figuring out what clothes to bring, how to fit everything you need in your bag and keep the clothes looking shape is no small feat. To help you get past this stage and truly enjoy your travels, here are six tips for smart packing.

1. Pick a Color Scheme

In order to pack as little clothing and few pairs of shoes as possible, pick a color scheme so that all or most of your clothing match each other. This way, you can bring just one or two pairs of shoes that match each outfit and you have the option to mix-and-match the clothing to make several outfits from a few items.

Bring just one scarf, one sweater and one coat that fit the color scheme. This saves tons of space and you have less to keep track of on the go.

Planning outfits, rather than throwing in a few shirts and pants, will keep you organized and packing light. It will cut down on extras that you never end up wearing and you’ll be sure to have what you need for each outfit. If you plan just enough outfits for the trip and then throw in an extra top, you’ll have plenty of room for everything without wasting space.

2. Pack Clothes That Are Easier To Clean

While your wool skirt may be perfect for Christmas dinner at your parents, if you don’t have easy access to a dry cleaner or the time to get it cleaned before or during your trip, you’re taking a huge risk. Bring along the clothes that can easily be machine-washed or that can wait until you return to get a proper cleaning.

3. Pack in Layers

Check the weather before you go and plan your outfits accordingly. Bring clothing that can be layered in case the weather or your plans change. For example, pack two sweaters but then several shirts for underneath, and you’ll always have enough clean clothes without over packing. Additionally, you won’t be stuck with only t-shirts or warm sweaters if you find yourself colder or warmer than expected. Bring a neutral sweater or sweatshirt that will match most outfits and you’ll always be warm and stylish.

4. Roll Shirts And Pants

Use all the space possible. Stuff your socks into shoes and pack shoes into the bottom of your suitcase. Then, fold your shirts and pants in half and roll them up. This will allow you to fit more of them into the bag or suitcase. By folding and rolling, you are reducing the risk of wrinkles, too. When you get to your destination, whether it’s a hotel or a guest room, find a place to hang up your nicer clothes so they can be de-wrinkled before it is time to wear them.

Even if you’re not flying or taking your bag as a carry on, opt for refillable, travel-sized soaps and shampoos to save space. Wear your heaviest sweaters or jackets when you fly and wear boots or bigger shoes during traveling. The smaller options will fit better in your bag.

5. Ask Ahead About Washing/Drying Options

If you’re staying with friends and family, ask ahead of time if you can use their washing machine or dryer during extended stays. Find out what access you may have to the machines and if it will accommodate the clothes you plan to bring. By planning to wash clothing, you can pack less.

On the other hand, if you do not have access to a machine or it isn’t a good machine for the clothes you plan to bring, pick clothes that won’t need much washing while you’re gone. You can always look around for a laundromat or dry cleaning professional wherever you’re staying, too.

6. Use Drivecleaning.Com For Easy Dry Cleaning Anywhere

Start your planning well ahead of your trip. While you may not want to pack up your clothes weeks or days in advance, figure out which clothes you’d like to bring to make sure they’re clean and ready to pack. If they are not clean, visit DriveCleaning.com to get your clothes picked up, cleaned and dropped off in plenty of time for your holiday vacation.

Not every part of the holiday travel is full of joy, but if you plan ahead and pack wisely, having fresh, clean clothes will be one less thing to worry about. You can truly enjoy traveling, visiting and relaxing.

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