New Year’s Resolution: Organize your linen closet

Maybe it isn’t exactly your New Year’s Resolution, but we could all benefit from cleaning up the linen closet, bathroom shelves or wherever you stick your towels and extra sheets, right? Perhaps you’re finally ready to dig out your flannel sheets and…you have no idea where the top sheet is.

We’ve all been there, but it’s time to make changes. Get on track for a cleaner, tidier 2016 with these linen closet organization tips.

Before you start feeling overwhelmed, understand that reorganizing a linen closet can take as little as 20 minutes. Put on Spotify or catch up your favorite podcast while you dig out all your blankets, sheets, towels, wash clothes, dish rags and anything else you plan to store in this closet. For some steps, you may need to run to the hardware store or get crafty but that’s not required nor is it necessary to get started.

Get started

Now, fold everything…neatly. Yes, fitted sheets are annoying but we have faith in you! Once you get one set of sheets folded, slide the bottom, top and one pillowcase into another pillowcase so all the pieces stay together. Then put it aside. Do this with each set.

Make space

If you have very limited space in your closet, consider downsizing. Get rid of the blankets, towels and sheets you don’t use. If anything is worn out or unusable, throw it away. Donate sets of sheets if you have more than 3-4.

Next, you may want to get fancy and buy those vacuum-sealed bags for out-of-season sheets and towels. Pack away heavy blankets and flannel sheets during the summer months to save space.

Another option is to get plastic tubs to put high up in the closet or at the bottom where they won’t be in your way. Then label the tub so you don’t forget where they are. We’ll remind you of this step again later.

shutterstock_129174005Plan and sort

Next, Plan where each category of linens should go. Towels and everyday sheets should probably be at arm or shoulder height; they’ll get the most use. Then spare blankets and guest towels go one shelf up or down from there. Seasonal or really rare items go all the up high or down on the floor, in a basket or (labeled) tub.

Get crafty

If you find that things are getting stacked too high on each shelve and it’s hard to get to the bottom item without making a mess, create micro shelves with plastic, wire or cardboard shelving. These items can be found at hardware or craft stores, or even Target. By creating smaller shelves and cubby holes, you won’t have to dig deep and mess up your nice piles just to find a specific pillow or blanket case. Everything else will remain untouched and perfectly folded.

Small baskets for wash cloths or wicker baskets for sheets are a great idea for staying organized and making the closet a little more appealing. That’s certainly not necessary if you like to keep things simple. Not everyone has a Pinterest account and three types of glitter.

shutterstock_203428204We suggest creating tags for anything that’s not visible. If you use baskets, tubs or crates, attach a sticker or tie on a tag that tells you what’s inside. That way, you don’t have to dig through every box when you need a beach towel last minute. It happens.

For the handymen and women out there, install a few towel racks to the inside of the door and voilá! You have more space. Rolling towels instead of folding and stacking is another way to get more into less space.

Not only will this help keep the closet looking organized (your mom will be so impressed), your sheets and towels will always be fresh, folded and ready-to-use.

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