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How to care for your corporate pants- Laundry Care Guide to Maintaining your Pants

You just got some corporate pants for work, and you want them to remain in shape for a long time. Caring for these pants determine how long they will serve your needs. Usually, the common idea everyone has when taking care of their corporate pants is wash, dry, iron and fold. However, this is not all it entails if you want your pants to serve you for a long time.

If you want your pants to perfectly complement other items in your wardrobe like your blazers, shirts and shoes, they should be in good condition.

Here are some tips you need to know for your pants to remain brand new

Washing your pants

Using a washing machine

Before you wash your pants, you need to check the instructions because if you don’t wash them the right way, they might be damaged. It is best to use a washing machine for wool, quality polyester and cotton pants. While silk, delicate cotton and wool can be washed by hand.

  1. Test the pants material with water

Before you wash, you need to perform a little test. All you need do is sprinkle a little amount of water on some parts of the pants, preferably the hidden edges. Also, you can apply some of the detergents you intend to use on the moist part of your pants and run your hand through. If the color washes off, you need to take it to a professional dry cleaner.

  1. Turn the pants front-to-back

To protect the pants, turn it inside out and put into a mesh bag. This helps to prevent the buttons from falling out and reduce fading.

  1. Put the pants in cold water and wash in a gentle cycle

Put the mesh bag containing the pants into the machine and add a sizeable portion of mild detergent with cold water. Switch the washing machine on and place it on a gentle cycle to wash. When the cycle ends, remove the pants from the washing machine.

Using your hands

  1. Fill the container with mild detergent and cold water

In this case, you can use a basin, bathtub or even a sink to wash your pant. Add a little quantity of mild laundry detergent till the water starts to produce bubbles.

  1. Soak the pants in the water and detergent mix

Saturate the pants into the mixture till they are fully submerged in the container you are using. Then, scrub out dirty regions in the pants, do this gently to prevent damaging the material.

  1. Refill the container with fresh water

At this point, you are about to rinse out the pants, so evacuate the soapy water when you are satisfied that the pants are clean. Refill the container with cold and fresh water and dip the pants in and out till it is completely rinsed.

Drying your pants

  1. Using a tumble dryer

If you have a tumble dryer, your work has been made easier. You can use the spin cycle to remove some moisture in your pants. Then, put a dry towel in the dryer to soak the water each time it collides with your pants during spinning.

Additionally, choose a particular time frame for the right amount of heat. If the pants are still damp, put them back in the dryer for some minutes until they are completely dry.

  1. Air drying

If you don’t have a tumble dryer, using the air-drying method is an effective one too. Roll the wet pants in a dry towel, and squeeze gently to remove water. More so, if you have a clothesline outside your house, spread the pants on the line and hold them with clips.

  1. Use a hairdryer

Some parts of your pants might not be completely dry, and you will feel the dampness even after drying. If you are in a hurry and you have a hairdryer close by, you can blast these damp areas until they are dry. Ensure you do this gently to avoid burning the fabric.

Ironing your pants

  1. Confirm if you can iron the pants or not

Many pants come with instructions as regards washing and ironing. You can check the tag to see the manufacturer’s instructions. Sometimes, the tags highlight the ideal heat settings for ironing the pants. Generally, pants made from nylon, polyester, cotton, wool, linen and denim can be ironed.

  1. Use a flat surface

It is best to use a flat surface like an ironing board so that you can easily eliminate wrinkles.

  1. Fill the iron’s steam compartment with water

These days, many irons come with a small tank for adding water. As you iron, the water produces steam which helps to eliminate wrinkles and folds.

  1. Iron the pockets

Usually, laundry services iron the pockets first to prevent additional wrinkles. So, take the front and back pockets out and iron gently.

  1. Spread the pants across the surface

At this point, there is no specific way of ironing your pants. You can decide to start with the top and waistband section or start with the pants legs. All the same, ensure the temperature of the iron is mild to prevent burning the fabric.


Folding/Storing your pants

  1. Leave your pants to cool down for few minutes

When you are done ironing, let them cool down for few minutes to prevent creating further wrinkles.

  1. Hang/Fold your pants

You can use a pants hanger to keep them free from wrinkles. Secure each side of the pants to the waistband appropriately and hang it in your closet. Alternatively, you can fold your pants and store them beyond reach. Let the hem of the pants meet the waistband so that you can fold it in half. Another reason to fold your pants is that it helps to create space if your closet isn’t big enough.


It is understandable that not everyone has the luxury of time to go through the stages of caring for pants, from the washing to the storing stage. You can get a professional laundry service to handle it for you while you attend to other tasks. Taking care of pants requires a great deal of care and patience, and this is what a laundry service and delivery offers you.