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Risks of DIY Dry Cleaning

The Risks of DIY Dry Cleaning

Have you noticed the DIY dry cleaning kits popping up in stores around the country? These kits promise to handle your dry cleaning needs from the comfort of home. The marketing is enough to make you consider trying DIY dry cleaning, but don’t move forward quite yet. DIY dry cleaning isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

In fact, there are some risks that you should consider before trying to dry clean your garments yourself. After going over the risks, you’ll realize that you’re better off using a dry cleaning delivery service.

DIY Dry Cleaning Can Damage Fabrics

Dry-clean-only garments require special care. Unfortunately, DIY dry cleaning kits aren’t gentle on all fabrics. If you dry clean clothes yourself, you might damage the fabric, forcing you to discard items you love. This is a big risk to take, so it’s wise to use professional dry cleaning services instead.

Fabric Might Shrink

When you use a dry cleaning delivery service, you don’t have to worry about your garments shrinking. Professional dry cleaners take special care to ensure that the fabric remains in tip-top condition. That’s not always true with DIY dry cleaning kits, though. Many people have complained about garments shrinking after at-home dry cleaning.

If your garments shrink, they won’t fit properly. They might not even fit at all. You can avoid this by using a professional instead of tackling this task yourself.

The Strong Smell Can Trigger Headaches and Migraines

Professional dry cleaning services leave clothing fresh and clean, without strong smells. Unfortunately, DIY dry cleaning kits have earned a reputation for leaving strong smells behind. The smells are unpleasant for everyone, but it’s even worse for people prone to migraines and headaches.

Strong fragrances can trigger migraines in people who are susceptible to getting them. If you’re in that category, you could end up nursing a migraine every time you wear clothes dry cleaned at home. Even if you don’t get migraines, the strong fragrances might cause headaches. It’s not a risk worth taking when you can use a dry cleaning delivery service for your garments.

Body Odors Might Remain on the Fabric

Imagine putting on a freshly dry cleaned garment, only to realize it smells like body odor. Sadly, that’s what many people deal with after using DIY dry cleaning kits. While these kits do freshen up garments to a degree, they often leave some bad smells behind. This can include musty odors and the

smell of sweat in the underarm area. That can be pretty embarrassing if you have to wear the garment out. Fortunately, a dry cleaning delivery service will remove all the odors. You won’t have to worry about anyone noticing a bad smell when you get your clothes professionally dry cleaned.

Cause Stains to Set Into Fabric

At-home dry cleaning kits can remove some types of stains. However, they aren’t a match against oil-based and difficult-to-treat stains. If you try to dry clean stained clothes at home, the oil or grime might set into the fabric, making the stains harder to remove. Using a dry cleaning delivery service is the easy way to ensure that the stains are professionally removed so you don’t have to get rid of your clothing.

Create Stains

DIY dry cleaning kits can even leave a stain on previously unstained garments. Some people finish the process at home, only to find dark stains on the fabric. Some users have had success removing the new stains, while others have been forced to discard the garments. You love your dry-clean-only clothes, so this isn’t a risk worth taking.

If you dry clean your clothes at home, you could end up wasting money when you have to replace items in your wardrobe.

Damage Embellishments

Professional dry cleaners understand the challenges of caring for fabrics with embellishments. One wrong move can damage the embellishments, ruining the garment. Because of that, they take special care to ensure that the garments look new after cleaning. When you use a DIY dry cleaning kit, you risk damaging embellished garments.

The embellishments could fall off, forcing you to pay to repair the garment. Instead of spending the money to repair your clothes, send them off to a dry cleaning delivery service. Then, your clothes will be properly cleaned the first time, saving you money in the long run.

Flimsy Bags Destroy Clothes

You don’t want to toss your dry clean only clothes into the dryer without protection. Unfortunately, many DIY dry cleaning kits include flimsy bags that are susceptible to tears. Numerous customers have complained about opening the dryer, only to find the bag is split and the clothes are flying around. If the clothes get caught on zippers or embellishments, they can get damaged.

When you use professional dry cleaning services, you don’t have to worry about this happening. Your local dry cleaner will safeguard all of your garments to prevent rips and tears during the cleaning process. You don’t have to worry about your clothes tumbling around with other garments when using a professional service. You also don’t have to worry about flimsy equipment putting your clothes at risk.

Avoid These Issues With a Professional Dry Cleaning Service

As you can see, you can’t expect quality if you dry clean your garments yourself. If you want fresh, clean garments that maintain their shape, it makes sense to use a professional dry cleaning service.

You don’t even have to drop the clothing off. Instead, schedule a dry cleaning delivery service to take care of everything for you. The valet will pick your clothes up from your house or office, rush them to the facility, and then deliver them to you when they’re done. When you use this service, you can save time and money since you won’t have to worry about replacing the garments.

Begin by signing up for dry cleaning delivery online. Then, it won’t be long before your clothes come back. Once you receive the delivery, you can store your dry-cleaned garments or hang them up so they’ll be ready to wear.