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Dry Cleaning Myths

Debunking Dry Cleaning Myths

There’s a good chance that you believe some of the most common dry cleaning myths. These myths might be preventing you from using a dry cleaning pickup service. Once you discover the truth, you’ll see why dry cleaning is an essential part of a cleaning routine.

Myth: Dry Cleaning Is Time Consuming

You can’t dry clean your clothing at home, so you might think that it’s time-consuming. It is if you drop off and pick up your dry cleaning yourself. However, you can use a dry cleaning pickup service to handle it for you. You will schedule a pickup, hand over your clothing, and then go about your day. The service will deliver it to you when it’s clean. There’s nothing time-consuming about using such a service.

Myth: Dry Cleaning Suits Makes Them Shiny

If you have a nice suit that you love to wear, you might be hesitant to get it dry cleaned because you are worried about it becoming shiny. Fortunately, this is just a myth. Dry cleaning doesn’t make suits or other clothing shiny. If your suit has an unnatural shine, it’s due to the friction of wearing it day in and day out. A dry cleaning pickup service will freshen it up and make it look new again. Choose a dry cleaning company that’s skilled at pressing the suit, so there aren’t any marks left behind when you pick it up, though.

Myth: Liquids Aren’t Used to Dry Clean Clothing

You might wonder how dry cleaners can clean clothing without using any liquid. In reality, dry cleaners use liquid to remove stains and clean the clothing. However, dry cleaners don’t use water, which is where the term “dry” comes into play. Instead, dry cleaners use specially designed chemicals to remove stains. While some dry cleaners still use Perc, others use eco-friendly solutions that are just as tough on stains without harming the environment.

Myth: Dry Cleaned Clothes Have a Chemical Smell

Some people think that since dry cleaners use chemicals, the clothes will have a foul smell when they’re finished. However, a high-quality dry cleaning company won’t leave a trace of chemicals behind after finishing the clothing. The dry cleaner will also remove sweat odors and other smells that make your clothing smell bad. When you choose the right dry cleaner, you don’t have to worry about foul-smelling clothing when you get your clothing back.

Myth: You Can Only Dry Clean Clothing With ‘Dry Clean Only’ Tags

You definitely need to dry clean clothing with tags that say, “Dry clean only.” However, you can dry clean other garments and linens as well. It’s a good idea to dry cleaning garments and other items made of delicate fabrics you want to preserve. Also, if the garment is structured, it won’t lose its shape at the dry cleaners. Your dry cleaner can also handle tough stains that you can’t remove with a regular trip through the washing machine.

Myth: Club Soda Is Just As Tough on Stains As a Dry Cleaning Pickup Service

You’ve likely had someone recommend using club soda on stains instead of taking your clothing to a dry cleaner. However, club soda can end up making the stain look even worse. If you have a stain, dry cleaning is the best course of action. If possible, let your dry cleaner know what caused the stain. The company can then use the best chemicals to treat and remove the stain.

Myth: Dry Cleaning Weakens Clothing

Some people are afraid to dry clean clothing too often because they think it will weaken their garments. In reality, dry cleaning is a good option for clothing that you want to preserve. You can extend the lifetime of your clothing by dry cleaning it. It will retain the shape and colors even if you dry clean it regularly.

Myth: You Should Keep Your Clothing Hanging in the Plastic Bag When It’s Done

Your clothing will come back from the dry cleaners in a plastic bag and on a wire hanger. That helps it stay wrinkle-free during transit, but you should take it out of the bag and change hangers when you get home.

Keeping clothing in plastic for too long can cause the fabric to break down. Also, wire hangers can change the shape of your clothing over the weeks and months. Plastic bags and wire hangers are safe for your clothing during the trip from the dry cleaning pickup service to your home, but take them out of the bag and transfer hangers when you receive the items. Then, you can repurpose the wire dry cleaning hangers and use them around your home.

Myth: A Dry Cleaning Pickup Service Only Cleans Garments

It’s true that your local dry cleaner handles garments, but that’s not all. You can send comforters, blankets, mattress pads, sheets, and pillowcases to the dry cleaner. Your dry cleaner can also handle tablecloths and napkins. Plus, you can use your dry cleaner for alternations and repairs. With so many options, it’s a good idea to keep your dry cleaning pickup service on speed dial.

Myth: You Can Safely Store Your Wedding Dress Without Dry Cleaning It

You might have put your wedding dress away without cleaning it, but that’s a mistake. Even if you only had it on for a short period of time, it likely has deodorant, sweat, and oils on it that can deteriorate the gown over time. Wedding gown dry cleaning is critical if you want your dress to look beautiful in the future. Then, you can pass it down to your daughter if you wish.

Once you learn the truth behind the myths, you can see why dry cleaning is such a vital service. You can use it to keep a number of garments and other items clean while ensuring they last a long time. When you factor in the time-saving benefits of using a dry cleaning pickup service, it’s clear that this is a good option for taking care of your garments and more.