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How Long Can You Wait to Pick up Dry Cleaning?

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Does this sound familiar? You drop your dry cleaning off and intend to pick it up as soon as it’s ready. Then, life gets in the way. Between long hours at work to dinners out with friends, it’s hard to find time to get your dry cleaning. Now, you can’t help but wonder how long you can wait to pick it up. Get the details and find an easy solution for dry cleaning pick up. Then, you won’t have to worry about missing the deadline to pick up your dry cleaning.

Dry Cleaning Pick Up: Know the Turnaround Time

First, it’s essential to know how long the dry cleaning process takes. Most garments have a turnaround time of 24-48 hours, although it’s possible for it to take more or less time, depending on your needs. You aren’t expected to pick your garments up immediately, although that’s an option. However, companies generally expect people to pick up their dry cleaning within one to two weeks of getting the call that it’s ready. Dry cleaning companies have limited space to store garments. The companies want people to pick up their dry cleaning quickly, so they can make room for other customers. Otherwise, it can get crowded inside their facilities.

Dry Cleaning Pickup Deadlines – Laws Vary By State

While companies want you to pick up your dry cleaning quickly, you do have some leeway. However, you don’t have nearly as long as you used to have.

The change can be traced back approximately 20 years. Around that time, a Brooklyn woman dropped off some items at a dry cleaner and went to pick them up three years later. Unfortunately, just six months before, the dry cleaning company donated the clothing to charity.

The woman sued the dry cleaning company and won. There weren’t any laws on the books to protect the company, so even though it kept the clothing for almost three years, it had to pay to replace it. Lawmakers in New York and the rest of the country didn’t want to see that happen again, so they created legislation.

If you live in New York, you have six months to pick up your dry cleaning. Once six months pass, the dry cleaner can give your items away. The time frame varies by state, with some states only making companies hold onto clothing for 30 or 90 days. Because the window can be small, it’s important to know the laws in your state. Otherwise, you might not be able to get your dry cleaning back.

If you are unsure how long you have to wait until you pick up your dry cleaning, look on your receipt. Many dry cleaning companies clearly state the policy on the receipt. It will explain that the company is not responsible for any dry cleaning left after a specific date.

As much as you might want to put off picking up your dry cleaning until the last possible moment, you shouldn’t do that. While the receipt will have the last possible date, go earlier if possible. The longer your clothing is there, the higher the risk of your clothing getting damaged or misplaced.

The Responsibility of the Dry Cleaner

Dry cleaning companies do have the responsibility to notify customers before getting rid of the clothing. Most states require that companies make a reasonable effort to reach the customer. Companies generally make several phone calls to get the person to pick up the garments. Often, abandoned property occurs because the customer left the wrong phone number or moved after dropping off the dry cleaning. Other times, though, the customer is simply too busy to pick it up. Regardless of the reason, the company will make a reasonable effort to reach the customer by phone.

What Happens to Abandoned Garments?

Most states do not allow dry cleaning companies to keep the abandoned property. Instead, they have to donate it to charity. Companies have the option of dropping it off at a church, Goodwill, or another charity or giving it to someone in need. For instance, if a homeless person is preparing for an interview, he or she might visit a dry cleaner to see if any garments are available. If the company has abandoned property, an employee can give it to the person in need.

Should You Forget About Dry Cleaning You Didn’t Pick Up?

If you forget to pick up your dry cleaning, you might think you need to just forget about it. However, some dry cleaners keep the property well past the due date. It’s not unusual for dry cleaners to have backroom storage for items, especially expensive fur coats and other luxury pieces. Because of that, it’s worth checking with the company to see if it still has your items.

Dry Cleaning and Pickup and Delivery Near Me – The Solution to the Problem

If you don’t want to risk forgetting to pick up your dry cleaning in time, consider using a dry cleaning and laundry pick up service. You simply schedule to have the dry cleaning picked up at your home or office. Then, when it’s done, the company will deliver it back to you. This is so much easier and less stressful than handling everything yourself.

Dry cleaning pick up prices vary by location. Check the prices, order the service, and prepare your clothes for dry cleaning. Then, the company will do the rest. You don’t have to try to fit it into your schedule. Instead, let the dry cleaning pick up service handle the details while you work, go out with friends, and more.