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Benefits of Dry Cleaning Comforters and Blankets

You likely bring various garments to the dry cleaner, but what about your comforters and blankets? You can enjoy some serious benefits if you have a dry cleaning delivery service pick up these items and clean them for you. Let’s go over the benefits, and you’ll understand why dry cleaning is the way to go.

A Dry Cleaning Delivery Service Deep-cleans Bedding

Your comforters and blankets are likely much dirtier than you realize. Along with surface dirt, the bedding probably has skin cells, oil, and dust mites. This can penetrate the fabric, making it hard to clean bedding in the washing machine. While your washing machine is great at handling dirt and grime on the surface, you need to turn to a dry cleaner to deep-clean your bedding. Dry cleaning chemicals penetrate the fabric and remove the dust mites, skin cells, and everything else. If you want to sleep on clean bedding, start by finding a company for “dry cleaning near me.”

No More Lumps With Dry Cleaning

Washing machines leave dust mites and more behind because comforters twist, turn, and bunch up during the cleaning. It’s hard for the detergent to penetrate the surface when it’s all bunched up.

The bunching and twisting cause another problem, too. The twisted fabric and trapped moisture can cause comforters and large blankets to fill with lumps after washing.

Getting the lumps out isn’t easy, and your comforter might never look the same. Fortunately, you can easily avoid this problem with dry cleaning. Your comforter won’t be bunched up during the cleaning, and you also won’t have to worry about trapped moisture.
If you want your comforter to be lump-free and ready to put on the bed, it makes sense to use a dry cleaning delivery service.

Preserve the Colors With Dry Cleaning

Have you ever noticed that after several washes, the colors fade on your blankets and comforters? You might end up replacing them before necessary because you can’t stand the way they look. This is especially painful if you choose blankets and comforters to match the décor in your bedroom. Once the fabric fades, the bedding no longer enhances the look. Dry cleaning is the color-safe way to clean your bedding. The colors won’t fade at all, so you can keep your comforters and blankets longer.

Protect Your Washing Machine

Unless you have a commercial-grade washing machine, it’s probably hard to fit your comforter inside. You might try to jam it in, but that can be a mistake. Overloading your washing machine can damage it, leading to expensive repairs. Using a dry cleaning delivery service can protect your washing machine while also ensuring your bedding is clean.

No More Off-balance Loads

Does this sound familiar? You pop your comforter in the washing machine and then move onto something else. Maybe you are cleaning the house or relaxing with a book. Then, you hear a loud banging sound. After your heart makes its way back inside of your chest, you realize the washing machine is off balance because the load is too large. You have to open the machine, readjust the load, and start it up again. Then, it can happen again and again during the same load. That’s incredibly frustrating and something you can easily avoid by using a dry cleaning delivery service.

Avoid Shrinking Your Bedding

Did you know that your comforters and blankets can shrink in the washing machine? You probably won’t notice at first, but your bedding will shrink after numerous washes. Once it shrinks, it won’t fit properly on your bed. Plus, your blanket won’t feel nearly as warm and cozy after it shrinks. Since dry cleaners don’t use water, items do not shrink. You can have your blankets and comforters dry-cleaned as often as you like without worrying about anything shrinking.

Remove Tough Stains With Help From a Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

You do your best to keep your bedding free of spills, but accidents happen. Maybe you are enjoying your morning coffee in bed, only to have it spill all over your comforter, or perhaps a child jumped in the bed with a skinned knee. These are just two of the numerous ways you can end up with stains. Fortunately, dry cleaning delivery services can handle most stains.

From organic stains such as blood to fat, grease, and oil, dry cleaners have chemicals that can remove stains and make bedding look like new. For the best results, find a company that offers “dry cleaning near me” as soon as you notice the stains. Fresh stains are much easier to treat. However, your dry cleaner can also work on older stains. Also, tell your dry cleaner about the stains. The dry cleaner will likely ask for some information and then will get to work to remove it.

Save Time and Avoid Stress With Dry Cleaning

Washing comforters and blankets at home is time-consuming and stressful. It’s not fun and can ruin your entire afternoon. On the other hand, dry cleaning delivery is quick and easy. You simply schedule the service, and the company picks up your blankets and comforters. Then, they dry-clean the bedding, and deliver it back to you. You don’t even have to worry about how long you have to wait to pick up your dry cleaning since it’s delivered to your front door. This is completely stress-free.

Dry Cleaning Near Me: Scheduling Service

Scheduling dry cleaning delivery is a breeze. Begin by entering your zip code to get pricing for your area. Keep in mind that you can schedule service for a single-family house, a building with or without a doorman, or your office. You can even schedule group delivery to your business if your coworkers or employees want to dry-clean garments. Then, choose a regular or rush service and place your order. Once you place the order, you just need to hand off your comforters and blankets, and the company will do the rest. You don’t even have to pay any monthly or delivery fees, making this a budget-friendly way to clean your bedding.