How to Preserve Your Wedding Gown

Your wedding was one of the best days of your life. You can keep those memories alive by saving your wedding gown. Then, you can look at your gown anytime you want to relive that special day. You can also pass it down to your daughter or soon-to-be daughter-in-law to wear for their weddings. Some women simply put their wedding gowns away, only to discover the material didn’t stand the test of time. You can ensure your wedding gown lasts by taking steps to preserve it. Find out how wedding gown dry cleaning and other methods will help you preserve your dress.

Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning – The First Step for Preserving Your Dress

You might think you don’t need to dry clean your wedding gown since you only wore it for a few hours. Plus, you were extra careful when it was on. Even so, it likely contains body oils and sweat. It might even have a bit of makeup that you’ve yet to detect. If you store the gown without cleaning it, the stains will set in and could discolor the gown. Thus, the idea that you don’t need to clean your wedding gown is just one of many dry cleaning myths.

The dry cleaner will remove oils and stains and also prevent the fabric from stretching or tearing. Also, dry cleaning is gentle on embellishments, so your wedding gown will look new when the dry cleaner is finished.

Consider using a wedding gown dry cleaning drop-off service so you won’t have to transport the gown yourself. An attendant will pick it up, take it for cleaning, and then drop it back off to you. This is much easier than attempting to transport the delicate gown in your own vehicle.

When’s the Right Time for Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning?

You can get your wedding gown dry cleaned, even if the ceremony was years ago. However, if possible, have it dry cleaned immediately after the wedding. Many brides schedule a dry cleaning pickup service to come the day after the wedding to pick it up.

Prepare the Wedding Dress for Storage

After your wedding dress has been dry cleaned, you need to prepare it for long-term storage. Use acid-free tissue paper to wrap your wedding gown. Only use white tissue paper since colors can bleed onto the dress.

Also, put tissue paper between each fold on the dress. This will prevent the dress from creasing while it’s in storage.

Finish preparations by stuffing the sleeves and bust with tissue paper. Then, when you remove the dress from storage, it will still have the same shape.

Place the Gown in a Preservation Box

When you get your wedding gown back, you need to place it in a preservation box. A preservation box is filled with nitrogen instead of oxygen and is airtight, so nothing can get inside. The box is also acid-free, which is critical when storing a wedding gown.

Wedding gown preservation boxes are available with and without seals. If you choose a box with a seal, do not open it unless you intend to use the dress. On the other hand, if the preservation box doesn’t have a seal, you can open it and look at your wedding gown when you want. Just keep in mind that opening the box exposes the dress to sunlight and other elements. Because of that, don’t open it too often.

If you want to keep the preservation box closed but also want to look at your dress, you can choose one with a viewing window. Then, you won’t have to open the box to admire your dress.

Store Your Preservation Box

Wedding gown preservation boxes can be large, so you might want to store yours out of the way. Don’t put it in the attic, basement, or garage, though. The temperature and humidity levels can get out of hand in these spaces. That can harm your dress, even when it’s in an airtight box.

What About Breathable Bags?

Some women choose to store wedding dresses in breathable bags instead of preservation boxes. This is a good short-term solution, as long as the bag isn’t made of plastic. If you choose a breathable bag, don’t use a hanger since that can cause the dress to stretch and become mishappen. Also, store the dress in a cool and dry place to protect it from sunlight and moisture.

While you can keep it in the bag for a few weeks or even months, transfer it to a wedding gown preservation box as soon as possible. That is the best way to ensure your dress lasts for generations.

Check on the Wedding Gown

If you choose a box without a seal, it’s a good idea to check on it every two years. Even with the proper preparation, your dress can form creases when it’s in storage. When you check on it, look to see if any creases have formed, and add additional tissue paper if needed. Doing this can prevent deep, permanent creases from forming in your dress.

Don’t Forget Your Accessories

Depending on your dress materials and the size of the box, you might be able to store your shoes and accessories as well. Many women like to do this so they can enjoy the complete look when they open the box. Make sure everything is clean before you place it in the storage box.

Schedule an Appointment for Wedding Gown Dry Cleaning

Whether you are planning a wedding or just tied the knot, your life has probably been a bit of a whirlwind lately. Your schedule is already jam-packed, and you can’t add one more thing to your list. Fortunately, you can schedule a dry cleaning pickup service online. This is quick and easy to do, so you can mark an item off your list in a matter of minutes.

Once you schedule your pickup, your driver will be there quickly. Put on white gloves when handling your wedding dress off to the attendant. That will prevent any additional oils or stains from getting on the dress before you get it professionally cleaned. Then, when you get it back, follow the rest of the steps to preserve your gown.


Dry Cleaning Near Me: How to Prepare Your Clothing

How to prepare your clothes for dry cleaningWhether you are about to use a dry cleaning delivery service for the first time or have clothing dry cleaned regularly, you might have some questions about preparing your clothing. Getting your clothes ready for the dry cleaner is really simple. Go over some tips, so your clothes will be ready when the delivery driver picks them up.

Choose the Clothes That Require Dry Cleaning

Start the process by gathering up the garments that need to be dry cleaned. You can begin by looking at the labels. Some of your labels say “dry clean only,” so you need to send those to the local dry cleaner. You can also dry-clean other items, including denim, blankets, and comforters. Dry cleaning is an excellent way to clean clothing without it shrinking or the colors fading. Thus, if you have items that you love and want to last for years and years, dry cleaning is likely the right choice. The process preserves garments, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them anytime soon.

Clean Out the Pockets Before Using “Dry Cleaning Near Me”

Give your pockets a once over to make sure you don’t have anything in them. Take everything out before sending it to the dry cleaner, so gum, pens, or other items don’t get cleaned with the garment. This will protect your clothing during the dry cleaning process. Don’t worry if you miss something. Your local dry cleaner will also check the pockets. However, two sets of eyes are better than one, so it’s always a good idea to check before you send off your clothes.

Mark and Document All the Stains for the Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

Dry cleaners examine clothing to check for stains. However, it’s possible they could miss one. Ensure that your stains are properly treated by marking them before you send your garments to the dry cleaner. You can place masking tape or pins next to the stains to make it easier for dry cleaners to find them.
Also, provide information you have about the stains. Explain what each stain is and when the problem occurred, if possible. Providing this information can help the dry cleaning company use the proper chemicals to treat it. If you don’t have any information, the dry cleaner will inspect the stain and determine the method to use. However, if you provide details, it can help the process.

Check for Missing Buttons and More

Give your garments a once over, looking for missing buttons and other problems. The dry cleaning delivery service can fix problems for you, so if you find anything wrong, let the company know. You can include a note with your dry cleaning that provides instructions.

See If You Need Alterations

Did you know that a dry cleaning delivery service can also provide alterations? Make sure your items still fit as they should. If you need alterations, let the dry cleaning company know. Again, you can leave a note with your garments. Then, the team will provide the necessary alterations, so your clothing fits as it should once again.

Remove Pet Hair

If your pets have used your garments as a bed, remove the pet hair with a lint roller before sending in your dry cleaning. The dry cleaning company can do this for you if you don’t have a lint roller. However, it can be time-consuming, so you can get your dry cleaning back faster if you do it at home. This is especially important if you need your garments back for a special occasion that’s on the horizon.

Unbutton Your Shirts

You can also speed up the process by unbuttoning your shirts before sending them to a local dry cleaner. Again, if you don’t have the time to do this, the company will handle it for you. However, you can expedite the process and get your dry cleaning back even faster by following this simple tip.

Bring Clothes to the Scheduled Pickup Location

When you use a dry cleaning delivery service, you can choose where the company picks up your clothing. If you choose to have your garments picked up at home, you don’t have to do anything. Just bring them to the door when the company arrives. However, if you want to have the company come to your office, load the clothes up in the car, so they’ll be ready when the driver arrives.

Put the Dry Cleaning in the Bag Provided By the Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

Dry cleaning delivery services use bags to transport garments. When the delivery driver arrives, you’ll just need to place the garments in the bag. Then, the driver will take your clothing to the dry cleaner, where they’ll be cleaned.

Let the Dry Cleaning Delivery Service Do the Rest

Once the driver picks up your garments, you can sit back and let the company do the rest. They will quickly clean your clothing and drop it back off to you. Again, you can choose to have the dry cleaning dropped off at your home or office. When you select a rush service, you can expect your garments to get back to you quickly.

Scheduling a Service for “Dry Cleaning Near Me”

As you can see, you don’t have to do much to prepare to use a dry cleaning delivery service. Follow these steps to get your clothing ready, and then sign up for the delivery service. You can choose between rush and standard service and select the pickup and drop-off locations when you schedule the service. Then, the company will pick up your clothing at the agreed-upon time and place and clean it for you. Best of all, you’ll only pay for the cleaning. You won’t pay for the pickup or delivery, and you don’t need to tip the driver.


Comforters and Blankets

Benefits of Dry Cleaning Comforters and Blankets

You likely bring various garments to the dry cleaner, but what about your comforters and blankets? You can enjoy some serious benefits if you have a dry cleaning delivery service pick up these items and clean them for you. Let’s go over the benefits, and you’ll understand why dry cleaning is the way to go.

A Dry Cleaning Delivery Service Deep-cleans Bedding

Your comforters and blankets are likely much dirtier than you realize. Along with surface dirt, the bedding probably has skin cells, oil, and dust mites. This can penetrate the fabric, making it hard to clean bedding in the washing machine. While your washing machine is great at handling dirt and grime on the surface, you need to turn to a dry cleaner to deep-clean your bedding. Dry cleaning chemicals penetrate the fabric and remove the dust mites, skin cells, and everything else. If you want to sleep on clean bedding, start by finding a company for “dry cleaning near me.”

No More Lumps With Dry Cleaning

Washing machines leave dust mites and more behind because comforters twist, turn, and bunch up during the cleaning. It’s hard for the detergent to penetrate the surface when it’s all bunched up.

The bunching and twisting cause another problem, too. The twisted fabric and trapped moisture can cause comforters and large blankets to fill with lumps after washing.

Getting the lumps out isn’t easy, and your comforter might never look the same. Fortunately, you can easily avoid this problem with dry cleaning. Your comforter won’t be bunched up during the cleaning, and you also won’t have to worry about trapped moisture.
If you want your comforter to be lump-free and ready to put on the bed, it makes sense to use a dry cleaning delivery service.

Preserve the Colors With Dry Cleaning

Have you ever noticed that after several washes, the colors fade on your blankets and comforters? You might end up replacing them before necessary because you can’t stand the way they look. This is especially painful if you choose blankets and comforters to match the décor in your bedroom. Once the fabric fades, the bedding no longer enhances the look. Dry cleaning is the color-safe way to clean your bedding. The colors won’t fade at all, so you can keep your comforters and blankets longer.

Protect Your Washing Machine

Unless you have a commercial-grade washing machine, it’s probably hard to fit your comforter inside. You might try to jam it in, but that can be a mistake. Overloading your washing machine can damage it, leading to expensive repairs. Using a dry cleaning delivery service can protect your washing machine while also ensuring your bedding is clean.

No More Off-balance Loads

Does this sound familiar? You pop your comforter in the washing machine and then move onto something else. Maybe you are cleaning the house or relaxing with a book. Then, you hear a loud banging sound. After your heart makes its way back inside of your chest, you realize the washing machine is off balance because the load is too large. You have to open the machine, readjust the load, and start it up again. Then, it can happen again and again during the same load. That’s incredibly frustrating and something you can easily avoid by using a dry cleaning delivery service.

Avoid Shrinking Your Bedding

Did you know that your comforters and blankets can shrink in the washing machine? You probably won’t notice at first, but your bedding will shrink after numerous washes. Once it shrinks, it won’t fit properly on your bed. Plus, your blanket won’t feel nearly as warm and cozy after it shrinks. Since dry cleaners don’t use water, items do not shrink. You can have your blankets and comforters dry-cleaned as often as you like without worrying about anything shrinking.

Remove Tough Stains With Help From a Dry Cleaning Delivery Service

You do your best to keep your bedding free of spills, but accidents happen. Maybe you are enjoying your morning coffee in bed, only to have it spill all over your comforter, or perhaps a child jumped in the bed with a skinned knee. These are just two of the numerous ways you can end up with stains. Fortunately, dry cleaning delivery services can handle most stains.

From organic stains such as blood to fat, grease, and oil, dry cleaners have chemicals that can remove stains and make bedding look like new. For the best results, find a company that offers “dry cleaning near me” as soon as you notice the stains. Fresh stains are much easier to treat. However, your dry cleaner can also work on older stains. Also, tell your dry cleaner about the stains. The dry cleaner will likely ask for some information and then will get to work to remove it.

Save Time and Avoid Stress With Dry Cleaning

Washing comforters and blankets at home is time-consuming and stressful. It’s not fun and can ruin your entire afternoon. On the other hand, dry cleaning delivery is quick and easy. You simply schedule the service, and the company picks up your blankets and comforters. Then, they dry-clean the bedding, and deliver it back to you. You don’t even have to worry about how long you have to wait to pick up your dry cleaning since it’s delivered to your front door. This is completely stress-free.

Dry Cleaning Near Me: Scheduling Service

Scheduling dry cleaning delivery is a breeze. Begin by entering your zip code to get pricing for your area. Keep in mind that you can schedule service for a single-family house, a building with or without a doorman, or your office. You can even schedule group delivery to your business if your coworkers or employees want to dry-clean garments. Then, choose a regular or rush service and place your order. Once you place the order, you just need to hand off your comforters and blankets, and the company will do the rest. You don’t even have to pay any monthly or delivery fees, making this a budget-friendly way to clean your bedding.


Dry Cleaning Benefits

Garments That You Should (And Shouldn’t) Dry-clean

You have a closet full of clothes to care for, which means you have to decide between washing and dry-cleaning services. Before you choose, learn which clothing is intended to be dry-cleaned and which should be washed. Then, you can separate your items and begin to look for “dry-cleaning near me.”

Silk – Use Dry-cleaning Services

Properly cared for silk clothing has been known to last a lifetime. Your silk garments might have hand-washing instructions, but dry-cleaning is even better. Dry-cleaning services use special chemicals to ensure that silk and other materials maintain the proper color and shine. While all silk garments benefit from dry cleaning, you should always dry-clean bright, printed, lined, or dark silk garments. You can ruin these items if you hand-wash them.

Embellished or Sequined Garments – Dry-clean Only

If you wash garments with sequins and other embellishments, they could come apart in the washing machine. You could spend the better part of a day cleaning sequins and embellishments out of your washing machine, and then you’ll have to shop for a new garment. You can avoid these problems by searching for “dry-cleaning near me.” Your local dry cleaner is equipped to handle these items without damaging them so they’ll be ready to wear when you get them back home.

Pleated Clothing – Find “Dry-cleaning Near Me”

A washing machine can wreak havoc on pleated garments. Over time, the pleats will recede, and the garment won’t look sharp at all. Your local dry cleaner can preserve the pleats while ensuring your clothing is fresh and free of stains.

Rayon – Always Dry-clean

Rayon isn’t designed to be washed in a washing machine. In fact, your washing machine can’t clean it properly, so it will still be dirty when you take it out. Dry-cleaning chemicals can remove stains and odors from rayon garments.

Suits – Let a Dry Cleaner Handle the Job

Washing a suit can change the fit and shape. What once looked great can be tight or ill-fitting after the end of a wash cycle. However, dry-cleaning services clean suits without changing the shape. Your suit will have the same fit after you get it back from the dry cleaner.

Wool – Use Dry-cleaning Services

You can technically wash wool, but if you do, it might change shape. That can lead to boxy sweaters that are too short. Dry-cleaning services will clean your wool items in a way that allows them to keep their shape. If you’re tired of wearing ill-fitting sweaters, definitely take your garments to a dry cleaner.

Lined Clothes – Dry-clean Only

If you have clothing with lining, you need to search for “dry cleaning near me” and use such a service. Washing lined clothes can alter the lining and cause the clothing to lose its shape. That won’t happen when using dry-cleaning services.

Leather – Use a Dry-cleaning Pickup Service

If you have a leather jacket, pants, or other items, take them to the dry cleaner. Water can ruin them, so you’ll probably have to get rid of them after a single wash. Your dry cleaner will clean and refresh your leather items while ensuring they look as good as they did when you bought them.

Velvet – Always Dry-clean

If you have velvet items, you likely love how luxurious they feel. However, they will feel less and less luxurious if you wash them. Your velvet items will keep the soft feeling you love when you have them dry cleaned. Also, you won’t have to worry about your clothing losing its shape when you take it to the dry cleaner.

Linen – It Depends

You can machine wash most linen items. Wash and iron the linen, and then it will be ready for use. However, some linen items have dry clean only tags. You’ll want to use dry-cleaning services for such items.

Denim – Wash or Dry-clean, Depending on the Type

When it comes to denim, it depends on the type. You can machine-wash standard jeans, although you should only use cold water and avoid the dryer. Instead, hang them up to dry after they finish washing. If you have high-end jeans, consider dry cleaning them, so they maintain their look and shape. Otherwise, you could end up having to buy new jeans in the near future.

Finally, if you have raw denim, avoid cleaning it for as long as possible. Treat stains, but don’t put the denim through the wash until it’s necessary. Then, soak the jeans in cold water, and air-dry them. This will prevent the jeans from shrinking and the dye from bleeding. Once they are clean, hold off until your next cold soak. The less you clean these jeans, the longer they will last.

Cashmere – Dry Clean or Hand-wash

Of course, your dry cleaner can handle fine wools like Cashmere, especially if your cleaner uses a more gentle solvent like GreenEarth. However, you also have another option. This might come as a surprise, but you can hand wash cashmere. Don’t throw it in the washing machine, though, as that can destroy the material. Instead, you can try hand-washing all of your cashmere garments. You can get a cashmere shampoo such as this to clean it in cold water. Then, hang it up to dry instead of putting it in the dryer.

Cotton – Use a Washing Machine

You can use a washing machine to clean your cotton clothing. Do not use hot water, though, since that can cause the clothing to shrink and the colors to fade. Instead, stick to cold or warm water when cleaning cotton.

Synthetics – Use a Washing Machine

You likely have lots of garments made of synthetic materials. These materials can be machine washed, but you need to use a delicate or low cycle. Also, hang synthetic clothes to dry them instead of putting them in the dryer. If you follow these two washing tips, your garments made of synthetic materials will last much longer.

Use a Dry-cleaning and Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service

Now that you know which garments to wash and which to dry clean, you’re ready to care for your clothing. You can simplify the process by using a dry cleaning and laundry pickup and delivery service. Then, you can get clean clothing without doing any of the work.


Dry Cleaning Myths

Debunking Dry Cleaning Myths

There’s a good chance that you believe some of the most common dry cleaning myths. These myths might be preventing you from using a dry cleaning pickup service. Once you discover the truth, you’ll see why dry cleaning is an essential part of a cleaning routine.

Myth: Dry Cleaning Is Time Consuming

You can’t dry clean your clothing at home, so you might think that it’s time-consuming. It is if you drop off and pick up your dry cleaning yourself. However, you can use a dry cleaning pickup service to handle it for you. You will schedule a pickup, hand over your clothing, and then go about your day. The service will deliver it to you when it’s clean. There’s nothing time-consuming about using such a service.

Myth: Dry Cleaning Suits Makes Them Shiny

If you have a nice suit that you love to wear, you might be hesitant to get it dry cleaned because you are worried about it becoming shiny. Fortunately, this is just a myth. Dry cleaning doesn’t make suits or other clothing shiny. If your suit has an unnatural shine, it’s due to the friction of wearing it day in and day out. A dry cleaning pickup service will freshen it up and make it look new again. Choose a dry cleaning company that’s skilled at pressing the suit, so there aren’t any marks left behind when you pick it up, though.

Myth: Liquids Aren’t Used to Dry Clean Clothing

You might wonder how dry cleaners can clean clothing without using any liquid. In reality, dry cleaners use liquid to remove stains and clean the clothing. However, dry cleaners don’t use water, which is where the term “dry” comes into play. Instead, dry cleaners use specially designed chemicals to remove stains. While some dry cleaners still use Perc, others use eco-friendly solutions that are just as tough on stains without harming the environment.

Myth: Dry Cleaned Clothes Have a Chemical Smell

Some people think that since dry cleaners use chemicals, the clothes will have a foul smell when they’re finished. However, a high-quality dry cleaning company won’t leave a trace of chemicals behind after finishing the clothing. The dry cleaner will also remove sweat odors and other smells that make your clothing smell bad. When you choose the right dry cleaner, you don’t have to worry about foul-smelling clothing when you get your clothing back.

Myth: You Can Only Dry Clean Clothing With ‘Dry Clean Only’ Tags

You definitely need to dry clean clothing with tags that say, “Dry clean only.” However, you can dry clean other garments and linens as well. It’s a good idea to dry cleaning garments and other items made of delicate fabrics you want to preserve. Also, if the garment is structured, it won’t lose its shape at the dry cleaners. Your dry cleaner can also handle tough stains that you can’t remove with a regular trip through the washing machine.

Myth: Club Soda Is Just As Tough on Stains As a Dry Cleaning Pickup Service

You’ve likely had someone recommend using club soda on stains instead of taking your clothing to a dry cleaner. However, club soda can end up making the stain look even worse. If you have a stain, dry cleaning is the best course of action. If possible, let your dry cleaner know what caused the stain. The company can then use the best chemicals to treat and remove the stain.

Myth: Dry Cleaning Weakens Clothing

Some people are afraid to dry clean clothing too often because they think it will weaken their garments. In reality, dry cleaning is a good option for clothing that you want to preserve. You can extend the lifetime of your clothing by dry cleaning it. It will retain the shape and colors even if you dry clean it regularly.

Myth: You Should Keep Your Clothing Hanging in the Plastic Bag When It’s Done

Your clothing will come back from the dry cleaners in a plastic bag and on a wire hanger. That helps it stay wrinkle-free during transit, but you should take it out of the bag and change hangers when you get home.

Keeping clothing in plastic for too long can cause the fabric to break down. Also, wire hangers can change the shape of your clothing over the weeks and months. Plastic bags and wire hangers are safe for your clothing during the trip from the dry cleaning pickup service to your home, but take them out of the bag and transfer hangers when you receive the items. Then, you can repurpose the wire dry cleaning hangers and use them around your home.

Myth: A Dry Cleaning Pickup Service Only Cleans Garments

It’s true that your local dry cleaner handles garments, but that’s not all. You can send comforters, blankets, mattress pads, sheets, and pillowcases to the dry cleaner. Your dry cleaner can also handle tablecloths and napkins. Plus, you can use your dry cleaner for alternations and repairs. With so many options, it’s a good idea to keep your dry cleaning pickup service on speed dial.

Myth: You Can Safely Store Your Wedding Dress Without Dry Cleaning It

You might have put your wedding dress away without cleaning it, but that’s a mistake. Even if you only had it on for a short period of time, it likely has deodorant, sweat, and oils on it that can deteriorate the gown over time. Wedding gown dry cleaning is critical if you want your dress to look beautiful in the future. Then, you can pass it down to your daughter if you wish.

Once you learn the truth behind the myths, you can see why dry cleaning is such a vital service. You can use it to keep a number of garments and other items clean while ensuring they last a long time. When you factor in the time-saving benefits of using a dry cleaning pickup service, it’s clear that this is a good option for taking care of your garments and more.


How Long Can You Wait to Pick up Dry Cleaning?

Beautiful thoughtful woman looking away

Does this sound familiar? You drop your dry cleaning off and intend to pick it up as soon as it’s ready. Then, life gets in the way. Between long hours at work to dinners out with friends, it’s hard to find time to get your dry cleaning. Now, you can’t help but wonder how long you can wait to pick it up. Get the details and find an easy solution for dry cleaning pick up. Then, you won’t have to worry about missing the deadline to pick up your dry cleaning.

Dry Cleaning Pick Up: Know the Turnaround Time

First, it’s essential to know how long the dry cleaning process takes. Most garments have a turnaround time of 24-48 hours, although it’s possible for it to take more or less time, depending on your needs. You aren’t expected to pick your garments up immediately, although that’s an option. However, companies generally expect people to pick up their dry cleaning within one to two weeks of getting the call that it’s ready. Dry cleaning companies have limited space to store garments. The companies want people to pick up their dry cleaning quickly, so they can make room for other customers. Otherwise, it can get crowded inside their facilities.

Dry Cleaning Pickup Deadlines – Laws Vary By State

While companies want you to pick up your dry cleaning quickly, you do have some leeway. However, you don’t have nearly as long as you used to have.

The change can be traced back approximately 20 years. Around that time, a Brooklyn woman dropped off some items at a dry cleaner and went to pick them up three years later. Unfortunately, just six months before, the dry cleaning company donated the clothing to charity.

The woman sued the dry cleaning company and won. There weren’t any laws on the books to protect the company, so even though it kept the clothing for almost three years, it had to pay to replace it. Lawmakers in New York and the rest of the country didn’t want to see that happen again, so they created legislation.

If you live in New York, you have six months to pick up your dry cleaning. Once six months pass, the dry cleaner can give your items away. The time frame varies by state, with some states only making companies hold onto clothing for 30 or 90 days. Because the window can be small, it’s important to know the laws in your state. Otherwise, you might not be able to get your dry cleaning back.

If you are unsure how long you have to wait until you pick up your dry cleaning, look on your receipt. Many dry cleaning companies clearly state the policy on the receipt. It will explain that the company is not responsible for any dry cleaning left after a specific date.

As much as you might want to put off picking up your dry cleaning until the last possible moment, you shouldn’t do that. While the receipt will have the last possible date, go earlier if possible. The longer your clothing is there, the higher the risk of your clothing getting damaged or misplaced.

The Responsibility of the Dry Cleaner

Dry cleaning companies do have the responsibility to notify customers before getting rid of the clothing. Most states require that companies make a reasonable effort to reach the customer. Companies generally make several phone calls to get the person to pick up the garments. Often, abandoned property occurs because the customer left the wrong phone number or moved after dropping off the dry cleaning. Other times, though, the customer is simply too busy to pick it up. Regardless of the reason, the company will make a reasonable effort to reach the customer by phone.

What Happens to Abandoned Garments?

Most states do not allow dry cleaning companies to keep the abandoned property. Instead, they have to donate it to charity. Companies have the option of dropping it off at a church, Goodwill, or another charity or giving it to someone in need. For instance, if a homeless person is preparing for an interview, he or she might visit a dry cleaner to see if any garments are available. If the company has abandoned property, an employee can give it to the person in need.

Should You Forget About Dry Cleaning You Didn’t Pick Up?

If you forget to pick up your dry cleaning, you might think you need to just forget about it. However, some dry cleaners keep the property well past the due date. It’s not unusual for dry cleaners to have backroom storage for items, especially expensive fur coats and other luxury pieces. Because of that, it’s worth checking with the company to see if it still has your items.

Dry Cleaning and Pickup and Delivery Near Me – The Solution to the Problem

If you don’t want to risk forgetting to pick up your dry cleaning in time, consider using a dry cleaning and laundry pick up service. You simply schedule to have the dry cleaning picked up at your home or office. Then, when it’s done, the company will deliver it back to you. This is so much easier and less stressful than handling everything yourself.

Dry cleaning pick up prices vary by location. Check the prices, order the service, and prepare your clothes for dry cleaning. Then, the company will do the rest. You don’t have to try to fit it into your schedule. Instead, let the dry cleaning pick up service handle the details while you work, go out with friends, and more.


Wire Dry Cleaning Hangers

10 Uses For Wire Dry Cleaning Hangers Around Your Home

Do you hate those wire hangers that come with your freshly dry-cleaned clothes? Don’t throw them out. Use them to organize, decorate and display items in your home. Here are 10 great uses for those pesky hangers.

  • Marshmallow Roaster

    This one’s fairly simple, but very important. Uncoil the hanger and make it as straight as possible. Curl up one end by folding it around once or twice to make a handle. This will also make it a bit shorter so it’s stable, but not too short that you’re roasting your hand at the same time. You could also cut it in half and wrap them together to strengthen the stick and roast two marshmallows at once. We suggest sanitizing the end with a cleaner or dish soap. Next, build a fire, add your marshmallows and enjoy. Clean again after use to reuse all summer long.

  • Calendar or Magazine Display

    Hang the hanger on wall with a thumbtack or nail. Then, place a card or magazine on the rack by opening it up and placing the inside fold along the horizontal part of the hanger. You can also hang a calendar by folding the top part over the back of the hanger and displaying the current month facing out.

  • Welcome (or Unwelcome) Sign

    This is similar to the craft above. Create a Welcome or Happy Valentine’s Day sign with paper. Tape or fold it over the horizontal part of the hanger. You could also create a Do Not Disturb sign if you have kids or annoying roommates.

  • Scarf Organizer

    Loop your scarves, ties or belts over the hanger and hang it up in your closet. This way, you’re taking up less room with these items and they’re easy to find when you need them.

  • Flip flop storage

    This one takes more skill and time, but it’s doable. Cut the hanger on both sides where it starts to bend down. Then loop the ends up towards the hook part of the hanger, creating two more hooks. You can file the ends, loop them a few times or even decorate the hanger to make it prettier if you’d like, but there’s no need. This is for your shoes, not the queen. Hook your flip-flops on the hanger, one on each side, and then hang up. This probably works for flats, too, but we don’t suggest you try any larger shoes. You’ve got to draw the line somewhere

  • Hanging Planter

    Want to add a bit of green to your home? Don’t waste money on a fancy hanging planter. There are a few ways you can make this work, depending on the items you already have. If you have a plastic planter already and it doesn’t have a hanger, make holes on either side of the planter. Unwrap the hanger and loop it through the hoops, coiling it back up at the top. Hang it up somewhere and then Instagram that junk!

    You could also use a colander (that’s a strainer for noodles). This works if it’s a plant that doesn’t require a ton of water. Line the colander with wax paper or newspaper. Hook the hanger through two opposite holes by uncoiling it and then coiling it back up. Add dirt and the plant and then hang up. This one also requires you to share it on social media.

  • Clean Out The Drain

    This one is not Instagram-worthy but it is very handy. If you notice your shower or sink drain isn’t draining like it should be, create a small hook with the wire and then stick it down in the drain. Drag out the gunk and throw it away. Don’t do this directly after lunch

  • Chip Bag Clip

    This one may require some tools or at least some super strong hands. Cut the wire down (probably with a wire cutter) to 6-10 inches, depending on how big you want your clip. Then twist it into a giant paperclip. To make sure it has some clipping power and isn’t too stretched out, you can place something heavy on it for awhile to make sure it has that paperclip structure before you start clipping away. This is also where pliers and brute strength may be helpful.

  • Key Ring

    Again, gets some tools. Use a wire cutter to cut 4-6 inches of wire. Loop it around twice to make a keychain. Placing it under something heavy for a bit will help it keep it shape before you start adding keys.

  • Nonslip Hanger

    Yes, this is reusing the hanger as a hanger, but it counts. If your biggest annoyance with wire hangers is that clothes slip right off and/or don’t keep their shape, we’ve got the solution. Wrap cotton yarn around the topside of the hanger. Loop it tightly from end to end and then clothes will cling to the cotton rather than sliding off. This could save you money, too because you won’t have to go buy velvet or plastic hangers as often

There you have it; wire hangers aren’t not a waste of space. Reuse them around your home each time you get a new one from the dry cleaners. It’s better for you, the environment and your wallet.

If you’re looking for a local cleaner that will pick-up and deliver your Chicago dry cleaning, visit today.


Clean Your House Top-To-Bottom: Bathroom

Why wait until spring to start Spring Cleaning? Dust and germs live in every nook and cranny around the house and now that cold and flu season has hit, it’s a good time to spend a little extra time cleaning. You don’t have to do the whole house at once; that’s crazy. Just take it room-by-room and scrub a little each week (or month). We’ll cover regular cleaning methods, tips to get the stubborn stuff and how to keep the bathroom from ever getting this disgusting again.

Start With The Basics

Pick up odds and ends: dirty towels, clothing, garbage, and magazines. Dispose of each properly. We’ll pretend you know that dirty towels and clothes go in the laundry; magazines can be put away or thrown away. The garbage is obvious.

Scrub the sink, shower and toilet with an all-purpose cleaner. Use a rag or paper towels. If you use a rag for the whole room, start with the sink and go least dirty to most disgusting surface. Never wipe the sink with something that just touched the toilet. Were you raised in a barn?

You may want to use a tougher sponge for the shower to get in-between the tiles and break up that gunk, but we’ll get to that again later.

For mirrors, windows and shower stall doors use a glass cleaner. A newspaper or squeegee is very handy for not getting those annoying streaks on the mirror. You can use a rag, though, if it’s all you have.

Now on to the floors, we suggest you sweep or vacuum first and then mop. Get most of the dust, hair, et cetera, up before you add water. Sometimes we shake out the rug and vacuum that up, too, but you’ll probably want to vacuum the rug itself, too.

The Hard Stuff

If you clean every week, the above tasks are generally enough but if you’re bathroom has gotten completely out-of-hand or you’re just a total germaphobe, here are some additional ways to deep clean the bathroom.

For the toilet, pour castile soap (which is vegetable oil-based soap that’s good for cleaning stuff) throughout the bowl and scrub with a toilet brush. Then add something stronger like Borax to the bowl and mix with the soap. Use a smaller brush (like an old toothbrush) to get up around the edges of the bowl and into the jets.

For shower or bath grime, get a dish wand or sponge. Mix equal parts vinegar and dish soap to break down the grime. Rinse the tub or shower after scrubbing.

If you want to clean the faucet or showerhead, fill a plastic bag with vinegar (pick your size according to the size of the faucet), and tie it up around the faucet. Let it soak there for at least half an hour.

Hard water stains are a pain and don’t always come off with an all-purpose cleaner. For your faucet and knobs, cut a lemon in half and scrub the water stains with lemon juice. Seriously, it works!

Depending on the type of bathroom rug, you might be able to throw it in the washing machine. However, read the tag carefully. Additionally, if you’re not able to get stains out and it’s no longer the crisp white or blue you started with, consider taking it to professional dry cleaners. They’re great with stains.

The same goes for bathroom curtains and shower curtains. For the plastic curtains, you can spray with all-purpose cleaner and wipe clean. For window curtains and fabric shower curtains, machine-wash or take to dry cleaners, according to the tag’s instructions. Again, stains are best handled by a professional.

Keeping It Clean

Now that you’ve gotten past all the grime and build-up, swear to yourself it won’t ever get that disgusting again. Of course, there’s a solid chance that it will and you can simply read this blog again, but for the sake of ending this blog on a positive note, let’s pretend.

Start by touching up the bathroom every day. Throw away trash, put makeup, hair ties, toothbrushes and combs back in the drawers every day. Wipe down the sink and counter daily so water doesn’t settle and create mold.

Every week, spend a quick 10-15 minutes cleaning out the toilet and washing down the shower or bath. If you do this regularly, the soap scum and hard water stains won’t build up like last time. Sometimes a daily shower spray can help keep things cleaner a bit longer as well. You simply spray each day after you shower or bathe and it does the cleaning for you.

Lastly, every other week or so, vacuum thoroughly and wash the rugs. The curtains can probably last another month before you need to dry-clean them again, but keep on eye on the dust that’s building up.

You did it! You cleaned an entire room in your house and it’s positively shiny. Well done. Call your mom and tell her about your new cleaning hacks.

If you’re looking for a local cleaner that will pick-up and deliver your Longview dry cleaning, visit today.

New Year’s Resolution: Organize your linen closet

Maybe it isn’t exactly your New Year’s Resolution, but we could all benefit from cleaning up the linen closet, bathroom shelves or wherever you stick your towels and extra sheets, right? Perhaps you’re finally ready to dig out your flannel sheets and…you have no idea where the top sheet is.

We’ve all been there, but it’s time to make changes. Get on track for a cleaner, tidier 2016 with these linen closet organization tips.

Before you start feeling overwhelmed, understand that reorganizing a linen closet can take as little as 20 minutes. Put on Spotify or catch up your favorite podcast while you dig out all your blankets, sheets, towels, wash clothes, dish rags and anything else you plan to store in this closet. For some steps, you may need to run to the hardware store or get crafty but that’s not required nor is it necessary to get started.

Get started

Now, fold everything…neatly. Yes, fitted sheets are annoying but we have faith in you! Once you get one set of sheets folded, slide the bottom, top and one pillowcase into another pillowcase so all the pieces stay together. Then put it aside. Do this with each set.

Make space

If you have very limited space in your closet, consider downsizing. Get rid of the blankets, towels and sheets you don’t use. If anything is worn out or unusable, throw it away. Donate sets of sheets if you have more than 3-4.

Next, you may want to get fancy and buy those vacuum-sealed bags for out-of-season sheets and towels. Pack away heavy blankets and flannel sheets during the summer months to save space.

Another option is to get plastic tubs to put high up in the closet or at the bottom where they won’t be in your way. Then label the tub so you don’t forget where they are. We’ll remind you of this step again later.

shutterstock_129174005Plan and sort

Next, Plan where each category of linens should go. Towels and everyday sheets should probably be at arm or shoulder height; they’ll get the most use. Then spare blankets and guest towels go one shelf up or down from there. Seasonal or really rare items go all the up high or down on the floor, in a basket or (labeled) tub.

Get crafty

If you find that things are getting stacked too high on each shelve and it’s hard to get to the bottom item without making a mess, create micro shelves with plastic, wire or cardboard shelving. These items can be found at hardware or craft stores, or even Target. By creating smaller shelves and cubby holes, you won’t have to dig deep and mess up your nice piles just to find a specific pillow or blanket case. Everything else will remain untouched and perfectly folded.

Small baskets for wash cloths or wicker baskets for sheets are a great idea for staying organized and making the closet a little more appealing. That’s certainly not necessary if you like to keep things simple. Not everyone has a Pinterest account and three types of glitter.

shutterstock_203428204We suggest creating tags for anything that’s not visible. If you use baskets, tubs or crates, attach a sticker or tie on a tag that tells you what’s inside. That way, you don’t have to dig through every box when you need a beach towel last minute. It happens.

For the handymen and women out there, install a few towel racks to the inside of the door and voilá! You have more space. Rolling towels instead of folding and stacking is another way to get more into less space.

Not only will this help keep the closet looking organized (your mom will be so impressed), your sheets and towels will always be fresh, folded and ready-to-use.

If you’re looking for a local cleaner that will pick-up and deliver your Atlanta dry cleaning, visit today.

separating laundry

Your Mom Was Right: Separate Your Laundry

Some people learn the hard way that washing dark or bright colors in hot water can transfer the dye to white clothing. But even if you wash all your clothes in cold water, or have successfully gone your whole life without creating a cringe-worthy pink shirt, you’re making a mistake if you don’t sort your clothes by color.

Once you come to terms with becoming an adult, you start to buy nice clothes.

Ones you buy nice clothes, you need to respect them and take better care to make them last longer. There are several ways to do that just by tweaking the way you sort, prep and wash your clothing. Here are a few ideas (and reasons for all you skeptics) to keep your whites white and your brights bright.

Only wash when dirty

The Sniff Test is a real thing. If you didn’t sweat, spill your drink or in some other way make the clothing visibly dirty, you don’t need to wash it every time. Use your best judgment here, of course.

For best results, fold the item or hang it back up so you don’t make it wrinkled or dirty from whatever’s on the floor. Jeans especially rarely need to be cleaned. Same for suits, sweaters and flannels. If you wash yourself and your underwear regularly, your clothes will need less attention.

Sort your darks & lights

When you do need to clean your clothing, sort them. I know, I know – you use cold water so it’s fine. You’ve never dyed anything pink so far. That may be true but mixing your whites and darks can still cause the darks to fade and your whites to look dingy over time. You won’t notice it after one wash, but you’ll notice it after several washings and your favorite white t-shirt is no longer white. Just sort it out, okay? It doesn’t take that long.

Turn dark clothes and heavier items like sweaters and jeans inside out. This will protect the part you really care about and preserve the color a bit longer.

Separate towels & bedding

Sort out your towels and bedding to wash them separately. It’s likely your sheets and towels will create a load of laundry all on their own but even if you’re blessed with a super-sized washing machine, don’t push it. Towel fibers can be harsh on regular clothing or leave tiny fuzz balls on everything.

Plus, when washed on their own, towels stay fluffy longer and the fitted bottom sheet won’t eat all your socks.

Baking soda & other at-home remedies

If you’re feeling fancy, or your clothes stink a lot from your daily (ahem, weekly) trips to the gym, throw in a teaspoon of baking soda with your detergent. This will help freshen up the clothes and help the colors stay bright.

Have you ever started a load in the washer and then been sucked into a 6-hour Netflix binge? We’ve all be there. When you finally snap out of it and remember your clothes it’s not a good idea to put them directly into the dryer.

Give it the old Sniff Test and, if needed, wash them again with a cup of white vinegar and hot water. While your wet clothes sat for the entire series of Making a Murderer, mildew grew and the vinegar will kill it. The dryer alone won’t take care of that.

Keep the washer & dryer clean

Another way to protect your clothes is to make sure the washer itself is clean. Some high-end ones come with self-cleaning options. But for the machines normal people use, simply checking the machine to make sure there are no items, liquids or anything inside the washer or dryer will help. Empty all your pockets and check the lint filter, too.

Professional cleaning will certainly save you from having to replace quality items in your wardrobe. Don’t have time to make it to the cleaners yourself? No problem. offers free pick-up and delivery right to your home!

If you’re looking for a local cleaner that will pick-up and deliver your Phoenix dry cleaning, visit today.